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Draft Beer

Bud Light ABV 4.2%

Able Ebenezer (Rotating) Emma Wood Summer Wheat Ale ABV 5.0%

Maine Beer Co Lunch ABV 7%

Lord Hobo Boomsauce 7.4% 

Wormtown Summer ABV 4.5% 

Bent Water Sluice Juice 6.5%

Shed Mountain Brown Ale ABV 7.4%

 Jack's Abby House Lager ABV 5.2%

Jack's Abby Copper Legend ABV 5.7%

603 Winni Amber Ale ABV 6.6%

Swift Current Blood Orange Ale ABV 4.6% (SOLD OUT)

Sam Adams Seasonal (Summer) ABV 5.3%

Blue Moon Belgian White ABV 5.2%

Downeast Cider ABV 5.1%

Berkshire Coffee Porter ABV 6.2%

Moat Mountain Czech Pilsner ABV 4.9%

Fiddlehead IPA ABV 6.2%

Bottles & Cans

Bud Light 


Coors Light

Miller Lite

Michelob Ultra


Corona Light



Berkshire Coffee Porter

Twisted Tea

Bud Light Platinum Seltzer

White Claw Black cherry

Truly Wild Berry 

Cutwater Vodka Mule

Cutwater Paloma 

Cutwater Mojito

Cutwater Tiki Rum Punch

High Noon Watermelon (OUT OF STOCK)

High Noon Grapefruit

Italian Style Vodka Lemonade

Nantucket Blueberry Vodka Soda

Nantucket Cranberry Vodka Soda

Canteen Vodka Soda - Strawberry, Watermelon, Black Cherry

Cantina Tequila Soda

Cantina Tequila Watermelon soda

Run Wild IPA N/A

Crown Royal Washington Apple 7%

Crown Royal Peach Tea 7%

Moonshine Ice Tea/Lemonade 5%

Dogfish Head Vodka Craft Cocktail Flavors 7%

Rotating Sours (ask your server)